About Valley Outdoor Equipment, Inc.

Quality Mower Brands and Exceptional Service.

We've served Residential and Commercial customers for over 29 Years with high quality Brands, Parts and Repairs.

Over 29 Years of Happy Customers

Valley Outdoor was started in 1993 with a desire to help customers find equipment to meet their needs. In the early days, the Cub Cadet line of mowers was becoming popular and we became an early dealer for their line of mowers and machines.

We quickly saw the need to expand our product line and added Grasshopper, Shindaiwa and Wright Stander. We've carried those product lines for over 29 years now! Several years ago we added Gravely to our product line and our customers have loved it.

We Remember Names

Our customers are the reason we're in business. We try very hard to remember names and faces and we try to recall the things people frequently need and what they may have purchased last time. When a customer comes into our store, we want to know their history with us so we can meet their needs and make them happy.

We Tell the Truth

It's a sad fact that many of our competitors will only say what they think people want to hear. We don't do that. We will always tell the truth and are "up front" with our customers. Our customers appreciate it and it's the way our staff operates.

We Have Experienced Employees

Our core people have worked here many years and are very knowledgeable about our products and services. We pride ourselves on having people who "know the business".